Baby Shower ~Robyn & Abram~

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower

This is my beautiful friend Robyn who is expecting a baby boy in March.

I met her and her husband Abram at work several years ago. She is one of a circle of friends from that job who all get together a couple times a year to hang out. Our jobs were sent overseas so we don’t work together anymore but I am grateful to have made friends with all these wonderful people and I love that we all still get together every once in a while.

This time we got together to celebrate Robyn and Abram’s new life chapter.
It was a great party.

There was great food…

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-001Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-002Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-003Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-004Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-005
(I love this mug.)
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-006

Great friends…

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-007
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-008
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-009
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-010
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-011

Fun games…

Break the Water:
The goal is to “break the water” first by freeing your baby from the ice.

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-012Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-013Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-014

Best Baby:
(I’m not sure what the name of the game really is, but I think it fits.)
The goal is to create a baby from play dough and Mama decides which babies are the most realistic and most creative.

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-015Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-016Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-017Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-018Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-019Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-020Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-021Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-022Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-023
The winners.

Old Wives’ Tales:
Guess (if you don’t know) whether the wives’ tales predict that it will be a boy or a girl.

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-024Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-025

What’s in the Diaper?:
The goal is to figure out what’s in the diaper by examining with your eyes and nose.
Usually it’s smushed up candy bars, but they threw in a couple curve balls with mustard and pickle juice.
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-026Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-027Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-029
(They’re going to be doing this plenty pretty soon.)
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-030Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-031
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-032

And of course there were adorable gifts.

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-034Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-035Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-033

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-037Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-038Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-039Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-040Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-041
Such creative wrapping.
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-042Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-043

Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-044Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-045Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-046Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-047
Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-048Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-049Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-050Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-051Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-052Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-053Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-054Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-055Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-056


Congratulations Robyn and Abram. I am so happy for you both!Robyn & Abram's Baby Shower-057

Hugs and stuff,


My Displays ~Belts, Bracelets, and Earrings~

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t see my accessories, I won’t wear them.
I think accessories can make an outfit but I will forget them every time if I don’t have a visual reminder.
So I try really hard to get creative when displaying my jewelry.
(My hubby does have to look at it too.)


I finally found a solution for my bracelets.


I utilized these little plastic containers that had been used for electronic parts.
I removed the lid and sticker then put two layers of hot glue around the edge to prevent the bracelets from slipping off.


Because the plastic was pretty slippery, I made leader holes by hammering in a nail first.
Then I screwed it right into the wall.


I loaded up my bracelets and admired my work. 
Actually, I didn’t even realize I had that many bracelets because I had never found a way to display them before.


I’m not completely satisfied with earring display yet.
I simply painted an ugly frame and hot glued strips of lace to the back.
I’m either going to staple the lace or get a solid piece of lace.
I think jewelry makes great bedroom art though.


This is one of my favorite tricks.
I took a plate rack and hung it on the wall (at an angle) for his ties and our belts.
So simple but effective. And cheap.
Win win.
Notice the sign above?
That was a beautiful gift made by my SIL for Christmas.  Love it!


I’m still working on a new solution for my necklaces.
Since necklaces are my favorite accessory, I’ll be getting that done asap.

How do you display your accessories?

Hugs and stuff,

New Year, New Resolutions

Last year, these were my resolutions:


I did fairly well.
I wore every item of clothing or got rid of the ones that I really didn’t like anymore.
I wore about 90% of my accessories at least once.
All in all, I call it a success.

My posture was going great until I got hit by a monster headache a few months ago.
My chiropractor and I are working on fixing both the headache and the posture.

I definitely had a year-long focus on my manners including a focus on my family’s manners too.

I started off the year doing fabulous finishing projects.
The last three months found me struggling to complete anything beyond home chores.
I still consider that one successful because I completed way more than 3 personal projects.


This year’s resolutions are:


First things first, unpacking.
We moved into a house last month.
While I have already made good progress with unpacking, it’s going to move a lot slower once school starts again tomorrow.
I think March gives me a reasonable amount of time to work with after factoring in homework time for myself and the girls.

Defining my style is something I’ve been slowly working on for some time now.
I want to define my clothing style so that I can stop buying things that might be me. I would much rather look for me items to start with.
I would like to define my photography style so that I can then work on perfecting it.
My blog style is still in transition and I am ready to figure out a solid style for the blog.
I would also like to define my parenting style so that I can readily identify my strengths and weaknesses.  It will help both me and my daughters.

I feel that I’ve neglected the blog this year.
I only posted 30-something times. So sad.
This year I am committing to at least one post per week.
More is awesome but I have to be realistic with my homework schedule.

My camera had way too much down-time in 2013.
This year I want to do 3 “formal” sessions.
That’s only one more than last year, so it’s totally do-able.

Everyone in my home gained some weight last year.
We eat fairly healthy most of the time.  The key is exercise.
We all need to get moving.  I think it would be way more fun for us all if we do it together.

Finally, I am going to quit smoking. Again.
Besides the obvious reasons (health and money) I have a few personal reasons.
I have a solid plan that I have already started putting into action.

I think these are all attainable.
There a couple items (*puff puff*) that are more important for me to achieve.

I’m making myself reminders on my calendar to check in on my resolutions every three months.
Hopefully, this will help me be more accountable.

Wish me luck.  I wish you luck on any of yours as well.

Hugs and stuff,