About Yours Truly

This has been a busy year for me.  My first-born is doing her best to prove the teenager stereotypes to be true, I started my Junior year at Portland State University, and I am officially married.  I seemed to have lost my kid manual for now I’m just winging it.  Let me tell you, I could really use the teen chapter right about now.  Life with Bea (15), Miss Margaret (who turned 9 this year), and my guy Chris, is always an adventure.

It’s crazy, crazy as usual around here.  We live, breathe and enjoy all that Portland, Oregon has to offer.  I am going to school full-time and somehow feel busier than I did when I was working and going to school.  I’m majoring in psychology so that I can more effectively mess with people’s heads.  (Just kidding, that’s just a side benefit.)

Anyway, being so busy and an introvert makes it a little hard for me to take the time to call my loved ones regularly, so this blog should do a pretty good job of keeping everyone up-to-date.  Well, mostly.  I am pretty good at returning emails, so if you’d like to chat, send me a note.  You can also find me on Facebook.

Hugs and stuff,


2 thoughts on “About Yours Truly

  1. This is great and sounds so true. I went through the teen years all be your book for that if ya need. But she will grow out of it and become a young lady.

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