Snapshot Display

I have been super busy with school, (one more year to go), so I haven’t had much time to work on the many projects I’ve been thinking about.
It’s Spring Break now and I’m trying to complete as many projects as I can. 
I completed the first one yesterday.


I have been getting a lot of the snapshots from my phone printed with Groovebook.

I really wanted a way to display them instead of keeping them in a book.

Snapshot display-012

I found this frame at my local Goodwill and decided I could use it to create a display.

Snapshot display

It cost me less than a dollar since it didn’t have glass or backing.

Snapshot display-001

I decided to paint it with this tester paint that I found at Home Depot for 50 cents.

Snapshot display-013

Three coats later, it looked much better.

Snapshot display-002

While the frame dried, I decorated some clothespins.
I just used the washi and duct tape that I had on hand.

Snapshot display-003

Just for fun I made each one different.

Snapshot display-004Snapshot display-005

I flipped over the frame and inserted pushpins at pre-measured points along the back.
I wrapped twine a few times around each one, pulled it taut and taped the end with painters tape to hold it in place.

Snapshot display-006

I used a staple gun to keep it in place.

Snapshot display-007

Then I removed the pins and tape and trimmed the loose ends.

Snapshot display-008


Snapshot display-009

All that was left was to add the clothespins and pictures.

Snapshot display-010

All done!

The best part is how easy it is to change out the pictures.
When I get new snapshots next month, I can switch them out or leave my favorites up. 

Love love.


By the way, if you’re interested in trying Groovebook, you can try the first month free with the code MCQUAW. 
It’s so nice to see all those phone pics off the screen.

Hugs and stuff,


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