New Year, New Resolutions

Last year, these were my resolutions:


I did fairly well.
I wore every item of clothing or got rid of the ones that I really didn’t like anymore.
I wore about 90% of my accessories at least once.
All in all, I call it a success.

My posture was going great until I got hit by a monster headache a few months ago.
My chiropractor and I are working on fixing both the headache and the posture.

I definitely had a year-long focus on my manners including a focus on my family’s manners too.

I started off the year doing fabulous finishing projects.
The last three months found me struggling to complete anything beyond home chores.
I still consider that one successful because I completed way more than 3 personal projects.


This year’s resolutions are:


First things first, unpacking.
We moved into a house last month.
While I have already made good progress with unpacking, it’s going to move a lot slower once school starts again tomorrow.
I think March gives me a reasonable amount of time to work with after factoring in homework time for myself and the girls.

Defining my style is something I’ve been slowly working on for some time now.
I want to define my clothing style so that I can stop buying things that might be me. I would much rather look for me items to start with.
I would like to define my photography style so that I can then work on perfecting it.
My blog style is still in transition and I am ready to figure out a solid style for the blog.
I would also like to define my parenting style so that I can readily identify my strengths and weaknesses.  It will help both me and my daughters.

I feel that I’ve neglected the blog this year.
I only posted 30-something times. So sad.
This year I am committing to at least one post per week.
More is awesome but I have to be realistic with my homework schedule.

My camera had way too much down-time in 2013.
This year I want to do 3 “formal” sessions.
That’s only one more than last year, so it’s totally do-able.

Everyone in my home gained some weight last year.
We eat fairly healthy most of the time.  The key is exercise.
We all need to get moving.  I think it would be way more fun for us all if we do it together.

Finally, I am going to quit smoking. Again.
Besides the obvious reasons (health and money) I have a few personal reasons.
I have a solid plan that I have already started putting into action.

I think these are all attainable.
There a couple items (*puff puff*) that are more important for me to achieve.

I’m making myself reminders on my calendar to check in on my resolutions every three months.
Hopefully, this will help me be more accountable.

Wish me luck.  I wish you luck on any of yours as well.

Hugs and stuff,


Thoughts, questions or comments?

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