Liam James ~1st birthday~

It’s been a whole year since my nephew joined this world.
(Here’s the newborn session.)

Liam 1 year-001

Liam 1 yearLiam 1 year-003Liam 1 year-002Liam 1 year-006Liam 1 year-007Liam 1 year-009Liam 1 year-010Liam 1 year-011Liam 1 year-012Liam 1 year-018Liam 1 year-019Liam 1 year-020Liam 1 year-022Liam 1 year-025Liam 1 year-027Liam 1 year-029Liam 1 year-030Liam 1 year-035Liam 1 year-039

He’s a smart little boy and I love him to pieces.

Hugs and stuff,


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