B&W Film ~Landscape~

Assignment #4: Landscape.

This one was a real challenge for me.
I really prefer to take pictures of people.

I was really pleased with this shot.
It reminds me of a fairy tale.
It was taken on the Veteran’s trail at Washington Park in Portland.

I like this one even more.
I imagine a bunch of fairies hiding from me.
This one was also at Washington Park.

I have mixed feelings about this one.
It was a hot day and I think that came across well. I think it’s a little depressing though.
This was taken on the property I feed my MIL’s horse at.

This tree caught my eye.  It looks like a cross between a weeping willow and a pine tree.
It kinda fades into the background though.  (So much better in color.)
This was also taken at Washington Park.

I didn’t turn in this print.  Love the composition but I couldn’t get the contrast right.
I took this shot along some back roads in Beaverton.

Hugs and stuff,


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