B&W Film ~Viewpoint~

Assignment #3: Viewpoint.
We got to take pictures of everything we wanted, with a focus on the point of view.

We again turned in four final prints.
I’ve got to say that the shots I printed weren’t the ones I planned on using when I was shooting.

This one was a little blah for me, but I love the composition. 
It’s the top of the fountains at Pioneer Square in Portland.

I love the point of view in this shot but the lighting was a little uneven.
This is the “Umbrella Man” in Pioneer Square.

I love this shot.  I framed it well and I captured a bit of the water’s movement.
This is a shot of a fountain, from above, a block over from Pioneer Square.

My husband loves this one and so do I.
It’s a row of benches on campus at PSU.

I didn’t turn this one in because I wasn’t satisfied with the contrast.
It’s actually a fairly small plant on the Park blocks at PSU.

Hugs and stuff,


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