B&W Film ~Contrast~

I had a very busy Summer term.
I took a 8-week math course, a 3-week Spanish course (yes, 3 weeks!), and a 4-week black and white film photography course.

I amazed myself.

I had signed up for the photography class thinking it was B&W digital.
I was a little panicked at first, then I decided to embrace it as the challenge it was.

I learned so much!
How to develop film, how to develop pictures, how to use split filters.
We worked on composition and contrast and completed a 12-picture series.

I scanned most of the prints I made so that I could share them with you.

The first assignment was to test our cameras.
(That stuff was boring so I won’t share that.)
Then we took some random shots with a focus on contrast.

This is the one I turned in.
It’s Miss Margaret on the path behind our home.

This was my last shot from the second roll.
It’s blurry, but everybody loved it.

Hugs and stuff,



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