You Made a Difference in My Life ~Lorrie~


This is the third installment of The Gratitude Project.
I am thanking people who made a difference in my life.
People who helped create who I am.

This week, I would like to thank my Aunt Lorrie.
She was a huge support for me as a young person.
She taught me how to create and appreciate art.
We don’t see each often these days, but her influence remains.



Dear Aunt Lorrie,

I want to let you know how much you made an impact in my life. You taught me many practical life skills and often provided a safe haven for me. You encouraged me to be the best me I can and always had time to listen. I am grateful.

As kids, you taught Michael and me how to earn money and how to save money. “Save half, spend half”. I may not be so good at the saving these days but I do know the value of a dollar. I am a great bargain hunter thanks to you. I love shopping at the second-hand stores and searching for treasure.

You nurtured my appreciation for art and naturally beautiful things as long as I can remember. Every time I pull out my watercolors, I think about you. I absolutely loved creating and framing art with you. I have many creative hobbies that I rotate through these days. Like you, I am always trying to advance my skills in my creative endeavors. My art has changed almost as many times as yours has.

You taught me how to drive. Despite the hand slaps on the dashboard, you were a generally patient teacher. I am proud to say that I consciously recall the lessons you taught me. I am also proud to say that I have never been in an accident, (knock on wood), thanks to you.

You have always had such a calm home. I loved being able to fully relax with you and Uncle Jack. (Panther Creek is still one of my favorite places.) I don’t remember ever feeling like I wasn’t in my own home when I was in yours. That is truly awesome and I hope that you can be proud of that. One of my favorite compliments ever was that my home looks like me. Your home looks like you too.

Thank you for all of the above and much more. I wish you and Jack the best of everything always.

Love always,


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