Project Life 365 ~Days 26-57~

Jan 26- Feb 3

26) #guest – My guest helper.
27) #outside – Love the fountains downtown.
28) #inside – My goofy teen in a storage container.
29) #red – My daughter’s favorite necklace.
30) #innocent – What could be more innocent?
31) #grow – Our second try at growing avocados.
32) #you_today – Me, feeding horses.
33) #repetition – Friendship bracelet in progress.
34) #bedside – I hang all my necklaces next to my bed.

Feb 4-9

35) #daily_life – Tires need to be changed.
36) #arrangement – I love the Finding Nemo aquarium arrangement.  Nemo’s in there.
37) #saved_up – I save/photograph all the notes I get from my girls and my guy.
38) #my_view – My view from the bus stop home from school.
39) #center – This kitty thinks she should always be center of attention.
40) #adventure – My adventure out of the house: going to see the Weiner Mobile.

Feb 10-12

41) #lucky – Any day that I don’t have to cook, is a lucky day for me.
42) #tasty – Mm, banana cupcakes.
43) #good_times – Silly teens with the phone in front of a mirror.

Feb 13-21

44) #steps – I love my slippers.  Comfy steps.
45) #romance – Nora Roberts is my fave romance writer.
46) #reward – I plan on getting these as a reward for myself.
47) #heavenly – Cheesecake. ‘Nuff said.
48) #shared_space – I share my living room with my whole family.
49) #best_dressed – I feel best dressed with my “fancy” glasses on.
50) #more – My family has been asking for more German pancakes.
51) #in_my_bag – I try to keep my purse organized.
52) #freestyle – This bird liked to dance freestyle.

Feb 22

53) #tgif – Thank god it’s floral.

Feb 23-26

54) #when_i_grow_up – I’m going to school to become a psychologist.
55) #goodnight – The softest fuzzy sheets ever.
56) #good_morning – Good morning pretty weeds.
57) #blue – Such a serene decoration.

Hugs and stuff,


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