I posted here once in the last 6 months.
That’s kind of sad.
Well, it makes me sad.
The problem is that I haven’t felt inspired.

I am going to school full-time at Portland State University.
It was a really hard adjustment from community college this Spring.
I love it but it sure takes a lot of focus.

My teen went back to pushing buttons.
She’s making positive progress now, but she took more energy than I had.
I love my girl.

And then there was the wedding.
It was a whirlwind affair.
We decided to get married as soon as we got engaged. 
Impatient people that we are, we picked a date that allowed me only three weeks to plan my first (and only) wedding.

Now, that things have settled a bit across the board,
I feel ready to embrace the inspiration that I see everyday.

Things may slow down around here again at the end of next month, but I don’t think that I’ll completely disappear again.
I love my blog and sharing my pictures, thoughts, recipes, etc…

So, more soon.

Hugs and stuff,


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