Wedding ~The Ceremony~

July 20th was a beautiful day.
It wasn’t too hot or humid, just perfect.

I hardly remember most of it because it all seemed to go so fast.
I am so grateful for those who took pictures so that I can remember.

our wedding-041
This was our young (16) MC.
Cameron did a great job.
(Better than I did actually.  I wrote the vows yet I stumbled over my part.)

our wedding-048
Miss Margaret was our flower girl.

our wedding-053
I love that someone caught my guy looking for me.

our wedding-056
My brother walked me down the aisle and gave me away.

our wedding-064
We got married at our friend’s house outside of town.

our wedding-075

our wedding-092
There are no pictures of our rings,
because I had to order mine and am still wearing my temporary ring.

our wedding-100
Isn’t that background awesome?

our wedding-101

our wedding-107
We are officially Mr. and Mrs. McQuaw.

Hugs and stuff,


One thought on “Wedding ~The Ceremony~

  1. sooo beautiful ….im sitting here crying because I could not be there for you on your day ….I love you and miss you sooo much …I’m sooo very happy for the two of you …mwah

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