Project Life 365 ~Days 7-18~


7) #simplicity – One of my words for the year: Dream. Simply ‘dream’.
8) #front_door – This is my front door.
9) #in_a_drawer – I couldn’t find my potato smasher for months.  Apparently it was right there in the drawer.


10) #game – My guy playing games on the X-Box.
11) #signature – My blog signature.
12) #mini – My min-pin (miniature pinscher) Barney.


13) #forgotten – I keep forgetting to charge my camera battery.
14) #temptation – Who isn’t tempted by some fresh donuts?
15) #confusing – My homework is confusing.


16) #sign_of_winter – The trees in the fountains are a sign of winter in PDX.
17) #this_is_so_me – I LOVE red shoes!  These are so me.
18) #news – The news stand at Starbucks. 





Thoughts, questions or comments?

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