Harriet the Holiday Hippo ~Days 22-30~

This is the last bunch of my adventures with Harriet.


Harriet got to go to the dentist with me. (Her teeth are just fine.)
She watched movies with me.


She tried to hide in a Christmas tree and inside a vase.


We were feeling artsy and she ended up on the purple shelf and in the craft cupboard.


We snacked on candy canes and tried to resist the beautiful Christmas ornaments in the bowl.  (They looked like big jaw breakers.)


And finally, she guarded the cookies for Santa.


It was a fun little project.
Who knows what my picture project will be next holiday season?
For now, I’m glad the holiday season is over and am looking forward to the new year.



One thought on “Harriet the Holiday Hippo ~Days 22-30~

  1. Just think that if didn’t go to that Christmas party that you would have never heard that song and there would be no Harriet the holiday hippo …just think of all the memories between the two of us that we have in our heads with things we have done, said, heard and seen….lol …love ya

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