Harriet the Holiday Hippo ~Days 1-7~

Harriet has been going everywhere with me.

(I am aware she is not real but for the purposes of the illustrated story, I’m going to pretend she is. 
Thanks for your understanding.)

First, she simply stood in the spotlight for her introduction.


She has been traveling in my purse just waiting for the next photo op.
We chilled in the car at the high school waiting for the teenager to get out.


Harriet went to my geology class with me.
We fed the horses together.


We picked up some wood for a fire one chilly night.
And she helped me pick out some meat for a dinner treat.


Surprisingly, nobody has laughed and pointed when I pull her out for a picture.
Actually, most seem interested and entertained.
I’m having fun crawling out of my box so it’s all dandy as far as I’m concerned.



2 thoughts on “Harriet the Holiday Hippo ~Days 1-7~

  1. I love this ….I’m so glad that one night years ago we were at a Christmas party and you heard this song for the first time and almost every year after that I have thought about a purple hippo and it almost makes it like family now that you have a name for her…..Harriet welcome to the family and enjoy the years and years to come

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