“Caption It”

While my family waits *patiently* for me to finish editing pictures from this weekend, I thought we could play a game.

These are a bunch of random pictures from my birthday “party” on Sunday.
I mean really random.
I will number each picture or set of pictures and you can caption them in the comments.
I will then post my favorite caption/s for each one in an edited post.


#1: _________________


#2: _________________


#3: _________________


#4: _________________


#5: _________________


#6: _________________


#7: _________________


#8: _________________


#9: _________________


I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
(Please feel free to caption just one if you prefer.)






3 thoughts on ““Caption It”

  1. 9) wait I’m thinking lol 8) birthday mountains 7) oh snap no you didn’t vol 6) what was I doing again oh ya I got this lol 5) did I hear my name 4) kisses daddy 3) concentrating 2) Omg that was hilarious I’m pea my pants 1) that was Yummy! lol this was hard to do lol

  2. ok this is hard.. im starting with #6 “ooh 50% off pizza order, uh what do you guys want?, your getting this!” #3 ” everyone wants pizza right?” #8 “BOOBIE mountain cake!” #9 “did someone eat the last slice of the only pizza i’ll eat?!?!” #5 BARNEY!!! #4 “wheres my sam dog? THERE SHE IISSS!!!” thats all i got. im drawing blanks for the rest lol. thanks for the entertainment now wheres all the pics..? SLACKER!

    1. #1 I think this thing makes my lip look weird

      #2 Giggle, giggle, ha ha, he he, giggle giggle, burp. oops!

      #3 Wait, what?

      #4 a) I am going to be a dad. I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!!

      b) Sammy you made me fart !!!

      #5 they said I would grow into them.

      #6 a) Do these glasses make me look prettier?

      b) do these glasses make me look smarter?

      c) Have they finished voting yet?

      #7 a) My scrambled heart is healing.

      b) please give me time, peace, and tenderness.

      #8 3 + 1 = 4

      #9 How long do I have to gargle with this sh#*! ?

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