Catching Up With Instagram

Things are starting to settle down around here.
Well, a little bit.
I still have quite a bit of unpacking to do but I only have two more weeks for the term.
I figured I’d share some Instagram pictures from the past couple weeks.

I really miss the view from my old place.
Not much more peaceful than that creek.
Moving was slow.
We had a tire issue in the storage parking lot.
Our new place is nice but majorly lacking storage.
I’m working on some creative storage solutions.

Garden box 7-29-12Garden cat 7-29-12Garden star 7-28-12Mystery beetle 7-29-12

My guy’s mom has the prettiest yard and gardens.
And had a big old mystery bug.

Pastel bunch 7-29-12Firey flowers 7-29-12
I found these at Home Depot.
I love all the colors bunched together.
I so want one.

I love feeding the horses.
I found this adorable mini wheelbarrow on the property.
The bottom shot is of the land-owner shooting moles in the ground.  So funny.

I love my little buddy.
Apparently he thought he was a parrot and my guy was a pirate.
Too cute.

Beautiful Tuffy hung out with us one day but she and Barney don’t like to share me.
So this was us cuddling with Tuffy on the cushion and Barney under my arm.

IMG_20120624_140143Root beer 8-4-12
Retro Cheetos bag and classy root beer floats.
Some awesome yum.

I do love accessories.

These are from the 4th of July.
That little white dog stalked Barney all day.

Perfect way to deal on a hot day:
Ice water from Starbucks and Scrabble in an air-conditioned home with my guy and his mom.  Perfection.

Before we got the furniture moved in, I used the fireplace as my unofficial nail station.
Sally Hansen did wonders for my nails that got so damaged during the mood.
My fingers there show almost 4 days after I did them.
And those are my fancy tri-color toenails.

Bea hearts 8-1-12Bea hand 8-1-12
And finally some pictures of and by the teenager.
Silly girl.


I hope you’re having a smooth week.
I’m off to do some homework now.

You can follow me on Instagram if you’d like @trinacatmom.
It’s available on iPhone andAndroid now.



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