Maternity Session ~My SIL at 28 weeks~

I had an awesome and much needed girl’s day with my sis-in-law yesterday.
We saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting.
We did some shopping and a little eating.
A LOT of talking. 
(At least on my part. Once I get started, it’s hard to stop.)
And we had a little (way overdue) session.

We decided to see the movie and do the session at the Kennedy School
We walked around and checked out some of the cool and eclectic art around the school.
(More on that tomorrow.)

Every time we passed this gong, Ang would hit it.
First, she had to take a quick peek for others.


Then she hit it.
I admit, I jumped a little the first time.
Fun stuff.


One of the fun parts of shooting with Angie is that she lets me loose creatively.
I decided to try out a new lens and I love the way it turned out.
I started with my most basic lens first though.


Such a sassy lady sometimes. Lol.


That smile is infectious though right?


It never hurts to stop and smell the roses.
Or any other flower.


The light was perfect for me to try out my Holga lens.
I love the effect it gives.
A lot of the shots ended up with a 70’s feel I think. 
I like it.


I love love this shot.



A classic Angie look.
Doesn’t she kinda look like she considering what kind of trouble to get into next?



Classic belly shot.
Another one of my favorites.


Not the best shot technically, but I love the reflective feel.
Mamas-to-be spend a lot of time reflecting.
Life is going to seem completely different in a few short months.


This was a just for fun shot.
I don’t think she was expecting me to actually take it.
I love it.



I think she looks a bit like the cat with the canary in mouth.
So cute.


This is the final random shot. 
I don’t think she even realized I was pointing at her.
This is reality.
No posing.
Simply checking her text messages.
Still, it’s a moment to remember.
I am so excited for this new little one to join our family.


My cousin just had a new addition.
I am so sad that I won’t be able to meet the new angel for a while. (They live in California.)
But my thoughts are with her and her BEAUTIFUL family.



One thought on “Maternity Session ~My SIL at 28 weeks~

  1. i love it! i dig the 70’s style lighting i agree on that being awesome! I know im short but damn in the one of me by the flowers i look like a midget. like im 3 feet tall lol i dont know if its just the angle or what but thats what that shot made me think. lol. and really you got me texting.. really? your a nerd haha but i love you 🙂 thanks for being my photographer

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