Hanging Out ~2005~

These are all just some pictures of family and friends (and of course the girls and I) hanging out.

Hanging out 2006-001

My little monkey getting suited up so he can ride his scooter.

Hanging out 2006-003

Bea and her “Aunt Pickle Juice”.
She took Bea for the weekend when she was about 6 months old and not only did she teach her how to drink out of a straw, (which made it harder to keep her out of my soda), but she introduced her to pickle juice and she loved it.
She’s been Aunt Pickle Juice ever since.

Hanging out 2006-004

I have been every shade of red there is.  This one was particularly fun.
(My mom hated when I stuck my tongue out when it was pierced.)

Hanging out 2006-005

My brother.
Oh how I love him.
He’s gonna be a great dad.

Hanging out 2006-006

Miss Margaret exploring.

Hanging out 2006-007

Bea used to be such a cool big sister.
Now she’s just too cool. Winking smile

Hanging out 2006-008

Miss Margaret watched everything Bea did.

Hanging out 2006-010

Missy Moo and her favorite uncle.
I love this picture.
He was totally concentrating on her nonsense.

Hanging out 2006-011

Hanging out 2006-012

It’s amazing how well water works as hair gel on really thin hair.

Hanging out 2006-014

Saturday market trip-005

Bea and Jamie often had butt wars to keep occupied while waiting for the bus.

OMSI trip-001

Obviously Jamie won that one.

Saturday market trip

She was such a good girl when we traveled by bus.

Saturday market trip-001

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of her too. 
We were at the Saturday Market and the slice was almost as big as her head but she didn’t want me to cut it up for her.

Saturday market trip-002

Bea used to beg me to do her hair like this all the time.
She has the most amazing thick hair.



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