Blast From the Past ~More 2005~

I am going to be SWAMPED for the next month between school, homework, and moving but I didn’t want to disappear the whole time so I’m sharing some more of those old photos.  (If you’re curious, check out 1999 and 2004/05.)
I might also have a random post or two when I can fit them in.


Bdays at Lanies-001

I love the sleeping pictures.

Bdays at Lanies-012

That’s Bea and her cousin.
They’re only a couple months apart and have been always been close.

Bdays at Lanies-022

I’m pretty sure Miss Margaret was pulling her sister’s hair.
She used to think that was so funny.

Bdays at Lanies-024

She was a stubborn two year old. (I don’t know where she got that from.)
But the stubbornness worked for her when she was determined to do something like swing all by herself.

Bdays at Lanies-025

Bdays at Lanies-031

“Family” game night.
Miss Margaret is sitting on the lap of one of the coolest chicks I know whom we were staying with at the time.

Bdays at Lanies-034

My little monkey fell asleep during timeout.
Too cute.

Bdays at Lanies-035

“No paparazzi please!”

Bdays at Lanies-036

“Fine, if you must, be quick about it at least.”

Bdays at Lanies-037

My favorite cat of all time.
He recently passed away at 15 years old.
RIP Vincey.

Bdays at Lanies-039

My sister playing Ring Around the Rosie with the girls.

Bdays at Lanies-042

Miss Margaret had the weirdest smile that year.

Bdays at Lanies-045

Bdays at Lanies-055

Bdays at Lanies-057

Bdays at Lanies-060

I love my hair in this shot.

Halloween 2006-008

The final baby bump.

Halloween 2006

When the kids carved pumpkins, they got really into it.

Halloween 2006-006

What a happy bee.

Halloween 2006-012

I won second place in a costume contest for this one.
I think the baby bump filling out the shape is what cinched it.

That’s it for now.  More coming soon.



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