Blast From the Past ~2004/05~

I don’t know what happened to any of my pictures between 2000 and 2003 but here’s a bunch from 2004 and ‘05.
Miss Margaret was born in 2004 so I have a bunch of my little blonde girl as a baby to share today.

003_0A (2)

This was me.  Awesome glasses right?

002_00A (2)

Me and my mama.


The cutest marshmallow baby ever.

005_2A (2)006_3A014_11A

She had very little light light blonde hair.
She sure could rock the headband though.

010_7A (2)

We had lots of cats come around and adopt us.
This was Fiona.  The sweetest, most cuddly cat ever.

019_16A (2)

This is Noah (the one with the crooked tail on the ground) and Priscilla.
Double trouble.
So fun.


Miss Rose was really into butterflies for a while.  We made all those above the window.


I made a couple templates and we collaged and colored a bunch the hung them all over the room.  Obviously someone was proud of our decorating.

023_20A (2)

The cats loved to take naps with Miss Margaret.

024_21A (2)

Miss Rose and her bestie at the time, Marissa.

025_22A (2)

Uncle Mikey and Aunt Jenny with Miss Margaret.

Caleb and Tessa

My little Monkey boy, Caleb, so wanted to hold her.


We had a Pink Party once just for fun. 
All the girls wore pink and we had a crazy sleepover involving some pink frosting, candies, and drinks.  Everyone had fun.


Little Miss Rose used to get very impatient with loose teeth so everyone had a turn trying to help her wiggle it out.


This is me.  Yeah, I made a pretty hot man, right?
No, I’m not serious.


This is me and one of my supervisors.  The one I was dressed up as.
He thought it was hilarious.  I did get second place that year in the store contest.


Cutest pink poodle I ever did see.
She hated the hood but when it was up and her head was down, she looked like a puppy walking on it’s hind legs.  Too cute!


Guess who was a butterfly?
Love love it.


I think this is my all time favorite pic of Miss Margaret.
She was busy playing and just fell asleep sitting up in the middle of the floor.
It has always amazed me how kids can sleep anywhere, anytime, in any position.


I hope you all had a great weekend.
Miss Rose turned 14 yesterday!
Makes me feel so old.



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