Happy 14th

It’s amazing how much our children can change in one short year.


This was Bea (a.k.a. Miss Rose) last year on her 13th birthday with a friend.
I thought she looked grown-up then.
Little did I know.

Bea and Butthead

This is Bea watching something on her uncle’s phone.
I love to see them together.


She actively decided to change her personal style which included a thick fringe of bangs and “classy” form-fitting clothes.


I cannot tell you how many self-portraits I found on my phone, camera, and computer because there are just too many to count.
She’s always been a beautiful girl, but this year she realized it.


She decided recently that she’s done with the bangs.
I wish that smile and thumbs-up were for me, but her friends have become the center of her universe this year.


I love that gorgeous smile.
I wish it was directed at me more, but hopefully when the teens are over, I’ll see it more.


She’s not an adult yet but she’s getting closer everyday.
My wishes for her this year are that she’ll come to love her whole self, that she can stay out of big trouble, and turn things around at school and at home.
She is a smart, beautiful, funny, creative, social young woman and I am proud to be her mom always.
She recently shared with me some possible goals for the future and I hope with all my heart that she finds her way to the path that will lead her there.

And I really hope that she understands some of the things I would tell my 14 year old self.

My first born will officially be 14 years old at 7:16 pm.
How time flies.
Here’s to a better year then the last, always. 



2 thoughts on “Happy 14th

  1. I can’t believe how much she grown my niece is so beautiful . I love this blog you did of her really great sis .

  2. I am so glad that you are enjoying your motherhood so well. Rose is growing up fast. And you are very lucky, as well as her, that she found her beautiful self.

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