Dear Me…

Have you seen The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet?

It’s an intriguing new show on Lifetime.
Amanda interviews famous women and talks to them about all the intimate and personal issues we would usually only talk about with our best friend.
The goal is to help women recognize the beautiful sameness between us all.

There are a few questions that she asks all her guests:
* What is your vice?
* What is your favorite sex position?
* What would you tell your 14 year old self?

I would like to take a stab at answering these.
I would also love to hear your answers too.


I have a couple vices.
I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that my biggest vice is food.
I have used food as both a personal reward and as a punishment.

“I did accomplish a lot today, I deserve a sweet treat.”
”Life sucks anyway, so I might as well eat until I can’t eat anymore and get as fat as I can.”

Don’t worry, I am honestly about 80% satisfied with my body image.
I don’t know what my issue  with food is but the first step is recognizing it.


As for my favorite sex position, I can’t answer that one here.
My family reads this and I think I’ve traumatized them all enough for a lifetime.
(If you are just dying to know, you can shoot me an email.)


I have a LOT to say to my 14 year old self.
I wonder if I would have listened to me at all?

14 years.55

*Note: these are pictures of pictures so they’re not high quality but my teenaged self and I remember when these were taken.

Now, the first thing I would tell me is “you are beautiful, accept it, embrace it”.

14 years.22

“Your face will clear up and you’re not the only one with acne so don’t feel so bad.”
”You do have a beautiful smile.  Let everyone see it.”
”Listen to Rutsch (my favorite teacher).  He is teaching you some of the most important life lessons you will ever need.”

14 years.28

“Do what you love.  Do everything you can to keep doing what you love.”
“Learn from your mistakes and then let them go.”
”Don’t listen to your mom when she tells you those glasses look cute.  Pick your frames out before they dilate your eyes. Trust me.”

14 years.29

“You are not as big as you look when you wear those bulky/baggy clothes.”
“You have nothing to hide, so don’t.”
“You don’t have to look like everyone else.  Embrace your own style.”

14 years.28-001

“You are amazingly intelligent.  Don’t let anybody or anything knock you off course.”
”You are touching people’s lives and hearts and you don’t even know it.  Keep it up.”
“Listen to Jon.  He’s telling the truth.”

14 years.35

“Be proud of your accomplishments.”
”You are beautiful!”

14 years.53

“Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and ALWAYS keep your head up.”
”Keep writing about your feelings.  Keep creating art.  Keep being you.”

14 years.54

“Your family and friends don’t love you because they have to, they love you because you are beautiful inside and out.”
“Don’t EVER think you are alone or unloved.”


What about you?
My daughter Miss Rose is going to be 14 this month.
I wonder what would happen if she listened, actually listened to all of these things.

I think I’m going to share them with her and see what happens.



3 thoughts on “Dear Me…

  1. wow this is one of my favorite blogs of urs yet! so much insight and thought put into it. kinda reminded me of everybodys free (sunscreen) hope u catch bea in the right mood where she will try and absorb these life lessons. not sure what id say to my teenage self definatly that i was beautiful and not as fat as i imaged. meet and when u guy name mike ur on the right path in life keep with it. lol oh wait i did that. good job angie! (pat on back)! anyway gotta text me that favorite position sometime haha 😉 love the way u put that in there. anyway love ya and love it!

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