Blankets for Orphans ~Update~

You read about the volunteer project I’m participating in, right?
If not, you can catch up here.

Here’s the update on our progress as of Thursday 5/24.

blanket 1

We have 11 blankets completed.
96 squares (2 blankets) have been promised.
Leslie has 2 in progress.
192 squares are being mailed next week from Mississippi (enough to make 4 more blankets).

blanket 2

That brings our total to 18 blankets.

We have given yarn to approximately 10 people and Leslie has given 2 classes teaching a couple of gals how to crochet.
There have been 30 more 1-pound skeins of yarn purchased and a sizable yarn donation has been offered.
We have a couple offers to help a little with the (sizable) postage fees.

blanket 4

I, personally, have decided to forgo the squares and make a complete blanket myself.
If it’s easier for you as well, feel free to make it in the pattern you desire.
We would like the blankets to be approximately 4 1/2’ x 6’ but the important thing to remember her is that we’re trying to get some orphan children snuggled into some new blankets.

All in all, we’re about 25% completed towards our goal of 77 blankets.
We’re doing pretty good but are still looking for some help.
If you, or someone you know, might be interested in helping in any way, shoot me an email so we can talk.



3 thoughts on “Blankets for Orphans ~Update~

  1. I am mailing the 192 squares (the ones from MS) today 🙂 Already starting squares for the next shipment.

  2. Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was placed on my heart and I belive we can do it. If not one blanket at a time, one square at a time. God, please give us the resources it will take to make this donation to orphans, children whom do not have parents. In a country we do not understand.

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