Student Conferences ~Miss Margaret~

Miss Margaret had student-led school conferences recently.


She did a great job making sure she went over everything she was supposed to show me.

03-2012-05-03 08.52.40

She loves to show off her work.

02-2012-05-03 08.50.23
04-2012-05-03 08.57.46

She even gave me a tour of her classroom even though I’ve volunteered in class numerous times this year.

06-2012-05-03 09.21.53

She wrote the descriptive words of herself.
I think she chose just the right ones.

07-2012-05-03 09.22.07

We took the scenic route out of the building afterwards.
I spied this awesome reminder for the students.
I think it’s quite appropriate for the grown-ups to remember too.

08-2012-05-03 09.26.38

They have some amazing art.

09-2012-05-03 09.28.07

I love these!


11-2012-05-03 09.29.20

And these.

12-2012-05-03 09.29.37

And those little heads are so cute.

13-2012-05-03 09.30.01

We went home and made some notecards to give her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week the following week.

We made these for last year’s teacher whom she still sees everyday and loves.

15-2012-05-10 11.53.15

These were for this year’s teacher.

14-2012-05-10 10.45.25

The cards were a hit. 

I am so grateful that she likes school so much and has such amazing teachers.
We are lucky indeed.


I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.



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