My Little Buddy

I have always been a cat person.
As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a cat.
Or two, or three, or four.
My mom and my step-mom were both cat lovers.
I love how they’re independent and clean and generally don’t require a lot of care.
The wild cats are so strong and fast.
And they’re all so beautiful.


Somehow, I ended up with a dog.
Barney is a miniature pinscher.
At first I thought he was just an ankle biter who would be a pain to take care of but he became my little buddy.
The best part of having a dog, for me, is how happy he is whenever I get home.
He is the sweetest, most cuddly dog I have ever met.
We are still working on some training issues, but overall, he has learned so much since he joined our family.

09-2011-06-09 15.02.30

Since I take a lot of pictures of my family, I end up taking a lot of pictures of Barney too.
He’s surprisingly photogenic.
I decided to have fun with his pictures and try out a bunch of different filters and effects.

05-2011-10-12 02.25.08
When my little buddy isn’t rocking his hoody, you can often find him near a heater.

I suppose if I could get away with it, I might haunt the heaters when I was cold too.

If there’s nobody around to cuddle with, Barney will cuddle into whatever he can find.
He especially loves the pile of laundry waiting to be folded.

04-First round 083
08-First round 084
Does he not look like a sweet puppy?

He’s kinda weird sometimes.
See the three legged pose there?
He walks like that whenever it’s cold or wet outside.
I don’t know how many times I have been asked if there’s something wrong with him.
I wondered too at first.  Until I saw that he switches legs.

10-2011-07-06 17.25.57
Sometimes he’s just pathetic.

What kind of dog doesn’t like to ride in the car?

He loves the girls too and hates when they’re gone too long.

16-2011-10-02 12.55.26
He hates being stuck in the house when there are ducks outside…


All in all, I am so happy that this weird, small, shaky dog is a part of our family.



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