My Weekend ~Instagram~

Saturday was awesome!
I went to a birthday party for the cutest little redhead.
(Pics coming on Wednesday.  I need some time to edit.)
Then I went to a barbecue with new and old friends.  So fun!

Sunday was a mixed bag for me.
It was Mother’s Day.


I got breakfast in bed (though I had to go back to bed to get it.)
My guy was so patient helping Miss Margaret cook for me.
They even included some fresh herbs from our “garden”.


Miss Margaret gave me this necklace that she made with her thumbprint.
So sweet.


I had strawberry shortcake for lunch and nothing else.
So fun and yum.


Then we had to work on Miss Margaret’s room.
Not so fun.
Little miss figured that since it was my day that meant I was going to let everything slide.
Sorry sweet girl.


I got some lavender scented Epsom salt from my guy.
I think he just wanted me out of my funk.


I used my new salt in a soothing foot soak.
The lavender was ah.mazing.
My feet are so soft.

I’m going to vent for a second.  Bear with me.
I was waiting for a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” from my teenager and never got it.
I know that this ugliness can’t last forever, but that doesn’t make it feel any better now.
It really sucks.
Okay, I’m done.

I hope you all had a great weekend. 
Here’s to a great week ahead.



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