Phone Pins

No, I’m not talking about passwords.
I’m talking about Pinterest type pins.
(By the way, my user name on Pinterest is katrina_strawn.)

I see things all the time that I want to remember and I inevitably forget it later.
If I was home when I saw them, I’d hit that Pin It button at the top of my browser.
When I’m not, I utilize the camera on my phone to “pin” those things to remember for later.

Here’s an example of some of the stuff I pin on my phone:

01-2012-02-04 11.34.36
I’m looking for this album on cd for my guy’s mom.

02-2012-02-08 14.41.3803-2012-02-08 14.41.4604-2012-02-08 14.42.17
12-2012-02-20 12.42.4113-2012-02-20 12.42.47
This is a bunch of art that has inspired me in one way or another.

05-2012-02-13 16.12.5706-2012-02-13 16.13.02
Ooh, the Ninja.
We saw this on sale a couple weeks later and grabbed it.
I love it!

07-2012-02-13 16.23.48
I want this book.

08-2012-02-19 17.30.3609-2012-02-19 17.30.43
A couple things we would like to get for the barbeque this Summer.

10-2012-02-20 11.56.2811-2012-02-20 11.56.45
I really really like these sunglasses.
I have to wear prescription and these don’t look like they’re prescription at all.

If you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know.



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