Blankets for Orphans Project

I am looking for some help. 
Well, actually my friend Leslie is. 
You see, we’re trying to make some blankets for some orphans in South Korea.

11-2012-05-08 13.05.02

Before I get into the details, here’s the story behind the project:
Leslie’s mom passed away in January and she was left feeling lost and locked within herself.  One night she had a dream that her mom was teaching her how to crochet.  Leslie has known how to crochet for years, yet her mother’s healthy hands were guiding hers in a lesson while she slept.  The dream stuck with her for days. Then she talked to her son who is a sergeant in the Air Force stationed in South Korea.  He told her about how they were collecting gifts for the Samsung orphanage.  They sponsor the orphanage for Christmas.  Though the children aren’t Christian, many of the soldiers are and it makes them feel good to gift these little people. 

05-2012-05-08 12.56.57

An idea was planted in Leslie’s heart.  She wanted to be able to help as well.  So she contacted the orphanage and asked if she could send blankets for them.  The reply was an emphatic yes.  What Leslie failed to take into account immediately was how many children there were. It turns out that the orphanage is home to 77 children between the ages of 7 and 17. 

14-2012-05-08 13.12.59

This is where your help comes in.
Leslie has already made six blankets and is working on two more right now.
I’m working on one and so is my work wife.
That means we need to make 67 more before we ship them off in November.
We need assistance crocheting granny squares that will be assembled by us here and then sent off to the children to receive before Christmas.
The squares will be 6” x 6” and we need 48 for each blanket.

16-2012-05-08 13.13.47

If crocheting isn’t in your skill set, we could also use donations of yarn or funds for yarn and/or shipping costs. 
(Around here we get 40% off one item coupons for Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics nearly every week.  40% off a pound of yarn makes a difference in the final cost but it still adds up quick and that’s only for a single item.)

13-2012-05-08 13.11.45

Here is the pertinent information:
Total blankets needed- 77 (67 to go)
Squares per blanket- 48
Total squares needed- 3,696 (3,216 more)
Hook gauge- G
Yarn weight- Medium (4)
Yarn type- acrylic (for ease of care)
Color needed- any
Deadline for squares to be collected for assembly- Labor Day (September 3rd)

03-2012-05-08 13.26.42

If you can help in any way please email me at
I will send you more information (including instructions for granny squares) or get you connected with Leslie.
We greatly appreciate any way that you can help.


Thank you and may God bless your heart.

15-2012-05-08 13.13.22



One thought on “Blankets for Orphans Project

  1. This sounds like a great project. I am sorry that I won’t be able to help. But it is grand thing to do.

    Hugs and stuff back to you my daughter.
    Chrissy Michelle

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