Future Portraits

Miss Margaret and I decided to do a craft.
I had pinned a bunch of crafts for me and the girls to try.
I pulled up a handful that I wouldn’t mind doing and let Miss Margaret choose which one she wanted to do. 
She chose the future self-portraits that I found at Deep Space Sparkle (here).
We decided to do future portraits of each other instead though.


I started us off with a couple ovals for the faces.
(Do you see the mini dishes?  Miss Margaret was having a tea party during craft time.)


I love watching those cute little hands being creative.


Look at that beautiful smile.  It wasn’t hard to be inspired.


We decided to draw them for twenty years in the future.


It seems I may have a tanning addiction in the future but somehow remain wrinkle-free.


Miss Margaret informed me that the black hair is supposed to be gray though.
I couldn’t complain if I looked that young in twenty years.


I added a little color to her portrait.
She really liked the hair.
She traced around the outside with a black marker.


I am so glad Miss Margaret liked her portrait.
It was fun.



Thoughts, questions or comments?

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