Adventures in Bulk Cooking

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.
I am woman enough to admit it and stubborn enough to deny it at the same time.


I knew that I was going to be having surgery last month, so I decided to cook and freeze as many meals as possible at the beginning of the month in order to take care of my family without having to actually do anything.


I found the site 30 Meals in One Day and started planning meals for the month with the program I purchased.
I added some recipes from other cookbooks and adjusted the instructions accordingly for freezing.
The program makes it really easy to create a single shopping list and print all the recipes and labels.

These are how I used my recipes.  I hung them up with magnets over the stove.

Let me show you how much food I bought for the month.
(3 meals and 2 snacks a day for 4 people. I guess that was more than 30 meals… Hmm.)

My dining room table was FULL.

Crazy right?
And that’s not all of it. 
There was more in both of my freezers.


I didn’t manage to get all the meals done in one day, but I did get it all done before surgery thanks to a little help from my favorite Butthead.


I am so glad I did it though.
Actually, I hope to do again soon.
Maybe not meals for a month, but even 15 frozen meals stashed away in the freezer could really make mealtimes easier.  Especially on the days I just don’t feel like cooking.
(I know those nights are going to happen more often once the weather starts heating up.)

It’s too bad you couldn’t smell how good this one was…



Thoughts, questions or comments?

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