Photo-shoot ~My SIL at 16 weeks~

I had my sister-in-law come over to my neck of the woods yesterday so that we could shoot her first official maternity pictures.
I am honored to be able to capture this special time in her and my brother’s life.
I will be taking more as her pregnancy progresses.

01-16 weeks-001

I think we got off to a good start.
She is looking beautiful and is just as awesome as ever.

02-16 weeks-00203-16 weeks-003
She looks so reflective here.

04-16 weeks-004
The baby is loved already.

05-16 weeks-005
Sam girl came in for a bit.

06-16 weeks-006
Since she is a verified member of the family, we had to include her.
She is such a dork.
She totally fits in with this family.

07-16 weeks-007
Aw, mama cuddles.

08-16 weeks-008
I thought this pose looked a little retro, so I tweaked the colors to match.

09-16 weeks-009
Ooh, sexy mama.

10-16 weeks-01011-16 weeks-011
I love this shot but couldn’t decide between color or black and white.
So here we have both.
What do you think?

12-16 weeks-01213-16 weeks-01314-16 weeks-014
It’s not going to be that peaceful the whole time Oompa but I will try my best to make it look like it is.  Even when the little one is beating you up from the inside later.

15-16 weeks-015
Miss Margaret was my assistant.
We put her in a couple shots with her aunt.

16-16 weeks-016

17-16 weeks19-16 weeks-018

20-16 weeks-019
She looks like a soccer mom already.
Especially while driving a mini van.

18-16 weeks-017

16 weeks down.
A whole lot more to go.

Butthead and Oompa:
You guys are going to make great parents.
I can’t wait to be the cool aunt!
Love you guys to the moon.



4 thoughts on “Photo-shoot ~My SIL at 16 weeks~

  1. wow u got that done fast! thanks so much i love it! i like the retro one n i think i like the black n white of the double better !! thanks again love you!

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