Personal Pizza Problem

Last weekend my guy went out of town to work so Miss Margaret and I were home alone.
He also had the car so we were stuck eating whatever was in the house.


We found some boxed pizza dough and some pizza sauce.
We decided to each make our own personal pizzas.


I totally let her make hers all by herself.
So funny.


While the dough was a sticky step, the sauce step went smoothly.


Having eaten the olives as a snack the day before, we were sadly lacking in toppings. 
We had some deli ham though that Miss Margaret snipped up to put on her pizza.


Our pizzas went into some round cake pans and tossed them into the oven.


I think they turned out pretty good.


I put some yellow bell peppers on mine.
Simple but good.


They were the perfect size for a plate.


Look at that proud little chef.

They looked so much better than they tasted. 
That was too bad but it was fun.



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