Oscar Party ~2012~

I’m going to start with this year’s Oscar party.
As I mentioned way back in January, my guy’s mom throws an Oscar party every year.
I went this year, right before surgery, and had a great time.


This year we had some great mixed drinks to start things off.
Not only did they taste good, but they they were pretty too.


We also had three different kinds of popcorn to snack on.


We did some trivia again.
It’s so fun to pretend like I might actually know some of the answers.
IMDb is my favorite app and website.
(Check it out if you’re wondering who that actor is in the show you’re watching. Trust me.)


It’s a great conversation starter and creates lots of laughter.
I didn’t win anything this year but that wasn’t necessary.
Wait until you see the desert.


This was the best salad ever.


We had two kinds of really good pasta too.
So sinful.


And of course we couldn’t have the pasta without the cheese bread.


This was the really really good stuff though.


We’re talking I could have died right afterwards and been perfectly happy.
Those brownie bites…
The butter cookie sandwiches…


And these.
These wonderful chocolaty mini “cupcakes”.


Check out the surprise raspberry filling.


Somebody passed out at the end of the party.


Is that not the cutest thing?

I’m looking forward to next year.



2 thoughts on “Oscar Party ~2012~

  1. I am so glad that you are living such a rich family life. Tessa looks very cute in the last two photos! Good luck with Bea, is she a book worm like you? If I had to discipline you I had to take your books away. But you grew up to be a very good woman.

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