Happy Heart Day!

I know I’ve been off the grid for a bit but I have been doing my best to work my way out of a personal funk.
One of the ways I have been working on it is by organizing the house.

Today, I rearranged our entertainment center mantle for Valentine’s Day.


This is the way I had it for the past couple weeks.
I got some of those cute dollar mailboxes from Target and decorated one for each of us.


Today, I rearranged it all and added a whole bunch more.
Each of the girls got some cute socks and a box of Nerds.


Each girl also got a cute jar full of Sugar Daddies and M&Ms as well as the obligatory box of Sweethearts.


I got myself this pretty little feather rose.
It’s so darn soft.


These are the See’s candies that my guy’s mom got for the both of us.
I can’t wait to get into these.


This is the final product.
The girls were so excited to see the change when they got home from school.
That is what cheers me up when I’m in a funk.
The smiles on my girls’ faces when they are happy or excited or surprised…
That is why I get up in the morning.
That is love.
And that is what Valentine’s Day is about.
It is a day to celebrate love.
Love for your partner, love for your mother, love for your children.view details
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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