Oscar Party ~2011~

As promised, here’s the pictures from last year’s party.


First, we each received an envelope like this.
(Technically it was second because I was a bit late;
they had already played a “guess who I am” game.)

In this folder, was a list of instructions:3
There were prizes to be given out to winners later.

I think Alice in Wonderland was my favorite last year and I hadn’t even seen the movie yet.

I think this was my favorite game.

I blew this one big time.
I was the youngest adult and this one painfully pointed that out.

Not that there were a lot of people there.
(Which was nice because I don’t usually dig big groups.)

There were six adults (including myself).

And one young man.
Look at the concentration.  I love it.

Round 2 060
We had wine or punch to drink out of these gorgeous glasses.Round 2 025
Round 2 024

Round 2 023
We had three kinds of popcorn to choose from.

Round 2 031
Aren’t these containers the cutest?

Round 2 065
And of course there was good food.

Round 2 066
The food always goes fast when my guy’s mom cooks.

Round 2 067
Since I was moving so slow, most of the nachos were gone already.

Round 2 068
This salad was especially yummy.

Round 2 074
Mmm, dessert.
Super yum.Round 2 080

Round 2 075
And these were insanely good!
Cheesecake in a glass.Round 2 077
Strawberry cheesecake.

Round 2 093
Ooh, look!
I won a prize.
I got a movie and some Sugar Daddies.


I’ll be sure to share this year’s pictures much sooner.



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