Big Lessons I’ve Learned From Little People

What’s the point of taking a million pictures if you’re not going to do anything with them?
I like to look back on all of our old pics and see how far we’ve all come.


This is me and I know I’ve grown a lot because of my children.
They teach me something everyday.
Here’s some of the things that those beautiful little people have taught me:

No. 1
If you want a kitten (or puppy), start out asking for a horse


No. 2
It’s okay to ask for help

006 (2)-1

No. 3
Life is better when you use the buddy system

tessa and amiraDSC_0224-1DSC_0278-1017-2

No. 4
Sometimes being good is exhausting

First round 121-1

No. 5
savor fuzzy drinks

Tessa soda

No. 6
Just be happy

May 2011 066-1012-2

No. 7
When you bring a turtle to school, you find you have lots of friends you didn’t even know about


No. 8
why buy roses when dandelions are free?


No. 9
you might never get called on if you don’t raise your hand


No. 10
jump right in or you might change your mind


No. 11
it’s hard not to love someone who loves you


No. 12
sometimes you need a little push to go down the big slide


No. 13
everyone needs someone to lean on

Mike and Moo hug

No. 14
be silly

moo's silly sunglasses

No. 15
drinking anything in a wine glass makes it a fancy drink

soda in wine glass

No. 16
sometimes it really is that simple

First you look for a leprechaun.  Then you catch it.

No. 17
listen to your elders, you might learn something

2011-04-16 19.13.342011-04-16 19.13.49

No. 18
play. don’t watch.

teeter totter

No. 19
If you’re going to laugh… laugh out loud

three of us

No. 20
enjoy the little things

tessa chips

Most importantly,


Such simple rules that can be interpreted so many ways to fit into our lives.



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