New Sport

“If you can’t beat them, join them.” 

I have a hard time finding time to spend with my guy.
If he’s not at work, he’s watching football or out golfing.
I tried to get into football but it doesn’t generally excite me.
I can’t find it in myself to get competitive about a sport I’m not participating in.

About a year ago, I tagged along with him to the driving range and had a good time at that so we started talking about my trying to golf.

My guy received this book for Christmas along with some golf lessons:
101 Essential Tips
101 Essential Tips

Used iron set
While shopping after the holidays, we came across this used set of irons and I grabbed them up.

Nike Ignite
They’re Nike Ignite clubs.
Apparently they’re pretty decent.
So decent that my guy now wants to “possibly” trade me his set for these.

Golf shoe box
Golf is not the cheapest sport.
You need a lot of things really.
We started adding to my collection of golf necessities with some new performance footwear.

New shoes
These cute Nikes were on clearance.
Who doesn’t like clearance?

I am going to look so cute.
Actually, I hope to not only learn this new sport, but get exercise and time with my guy all at once.

Who knows? Maybe I can even be competitive about this sport.
Winking smile



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