Capture the Holidays ~Part 3~

Here’s the final part of my photography project for December: 

Attitude adjustment
Attitude Adjustment.
I love the song “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”.
This little guy only comes out for the holidays and really helps cheer me up some times.  No rhinoceroses here!

You are getting sleepy.42
You are getting sleepy.
This is Miss Bella the bulldog.
She stayed with us for Thanksgiving.
Best dog ever for a massaging foot rest!

Life is sweet
Life is sweet.
I made a whole lot of sweets for Christmas. 
One of my favorites, as always, was the peppermint bark.
It’s so imperfectly perfect and yummy.

A classic shot of Santa’s cookies and milk after his visit.
(Those cookies were good! Winking smile)

This magic moment
This magic moment.
What could be more magical than the exuberance of my little elf passing out gifts on Christmas morning?

The day after
The day after.
This was all we saw of Miss Rose for three days after Christmas.

A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air.
Miss Margaret told me that she loves this tree.
She also loves to pose for the camera.

Through the looking glass
Through the looking glass.
This is Miss Rose through a pretty glass candle holder.
I kinda like it.

A toast.30
A toast!
My guy and I went out on  a date and stopped for a drink at this cute bar.
I lifted my peartini and toasted to the holidays being finally over.

Now, there's no looking back
Now, there’s no looking back!
I bought this little book with a gift card I received to one of my favorite stores.
(I love love love Powell’s Books.)
I am working on building a website that I plan to introduce this year and this book is going to help me.

Gather your thoughts.
This is simply a collage of all the pictures from the project.

I had a lot of fun expanding my photographic horizons.
I’m going to get these printed and I’ll have a fun book for next year to remember this Christmas with.



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