Capture the Holidays ~Part 2~

Here’s the second part of my photography project from last month:

Shaping up
Shaping up.
I cheated a little with this one.
I took it two years ago at PCC Rock Creek.
This fountain was totally frozen.
I tweaked it a bit though.

A whole lot of happy
A whole lot of happy.
(I do love love love the toothless grin!)

Simply divine
Simply divine.
I love that Miss Margaret was so into her advent calendar.
She even “accidently” opened the days ahead because she couldn’t wait.

Sincerely Yours
Sincerely yours.
There’s nothing notable about this picture, but it shows all the holiday cards we had received in the first half of the month.

Got Gifts
Got gifts?
The goal for the day was to shoot an image that we could put on gift tags.
I love this ugly Christmas caroling ornament and I just might put it on my tags next year.

The season of lights
The season of lights.
I like the lights reflecting off the ornaments more than anything.

Warm Glow
Warm glow.
I LOVE this candle.
It’s a snowball candle that only comes out during Christmas.
It makes it feel like a white Christmas even when it’s just cold and dry outside.

This is how I like to recharge.
In a nice hot bath with some yummy smelling sea salts thrown in.
Of course, I never get to bathe alone; someone always wants to talk while I’m in the bath and this time it was Miss Rose.
It’s a nice thought though.  I tried.

Make a List (Check it Twice)
Make a list (check it twice).
This is a condensed version of my daily to-do lists.
I didn’t even get to those cupcakes.

Wrapped with love
Wrapped with love.
I think this one is also self-explanatory.
I do love my family.



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