Super Curls to Super Straight

2011-11-24 18.43.06

This is my really curly hair.
I never straighten it because I have never managed to make it be anything but a frizzy mess.

2011-12-22 18.26.15

Miss Rose likes to give makeovers.
Poor Miss Margaret gets them all the time.

2011-12-22 18.26.29

I finally gave in and let her take the flat iron to my hair.

2011-12-22 18.26.06

I can’t remember the last time my hair was straight.
It was straight until I was a teenager when it became wavy.
Then out of nowhere, years between pregnancies, it started spiraling all on its own.  Crazy curls that I swear get tighter every year.

2011-12-22 18.27.31

It only took around two hours.
I couldn’t spend two hours on my hair if I wanted to.

2011-12-22 19.12.26

I watched a movie while she worked, so except for the little-hair pulls, it was a painless process for me.

2011-12-22 19.11.33

Amazingly, it was fun for both of us.
Wow!  Something we both like.

2011-12-22 19.11.55

The hair artist fixing my hair afterwards.

2011-12-22 19.12.08

Miss Margaret keeping my company.

2011-12-22 20.52.03

The final product.

The girls both told me that I look younger.
I suppose I agree.
Though I do not agree with Miss Margaret’s declaration that I look younger, about 30. (I am 30 thank you!)

My guy’s reaction?
He thinks it’s sexy and has already requested that I do it again for his birthday later this month.



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