Party Tray Baked French Toast

This is the second (very successful) meal created using leftover party trays.


I was checking the mail and a friendly neighbor was carrying two party bread trays that the food bank she volunteers at had an excess of.
She asked if I could use one.
Though we really don’t need the extra calories, I thought I could use them to make a meal.

It’s  a bit like the other french toast, but tastes more like…


Yes, you read that right.
It tastes like cake.
No wonder the girls liked it.


All you need is some bread, butter, eggs, milk, and some whipping cream.


First you grease the baking dish and then stack the bread.
I broke up a piece to fill up any holes.


For an 8” x 11” baking dish you’ll need 4 eggs, 1 cup whipping cream, and 2 cups of milk. I used a mixer on low to make sure it was well blended.


Pour the eggs and milk mixture over the bread.
Pop it into the oven at 350* until toasted on top.


This 8” x 11” dish took about 45 minutes.
My smaller dish took 30 minutes..


We put a little butter and powdered sugar on top.

Here’s to using what you have to make a yummy meal!



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