Party Tray Omelettes

Do you have some leftover cheese and/or veggies from a party tray?
I have an easy solution to use up the last of them.

I had some leftover broccoli and cauliflower as well as several kinds of cheese.
I also had a bunch of eggs.
So I threw them all together to make some Party Tray Omelettes.
(I even used the dip.)
It was a big hit with me and the girls!


Start by chopping up the veggies nice and small. 
They can be any veggies you want really.
Then shred or chop up the cheese.
(I had small blocks, so I shredded a couple kinds into a small dish.)


Sauté the veggies a bit.
You really just want to soften them up a bit so they’re not raw inside the eggs.
Remove from the pan and set aside.


Pour those eggs in and season however you see fit.
I used seasoned salt for Miss Margaret and garlic salt for me and Miss Rose.


Once the eggs start bubbling up and the edges start solidifying, sprinkle the cheese in.


Then toss the veggies in and spoon a little dip on top.
Now you want to fold the eggs in half.
Note:  Ignore the placement of the veggies here.
They should be only on one half of the mixture.
This bit in the middle made for a very messy fold!

2011-12-28 19.29.13

This is what it may look like if you only put the veggies on one side.

So darn good!



Thoughts, questions or comments?

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