My Bucket List

The new year is right around the corner.
It’s hard to believe we’re heading into 2012.
It seems like just yesterday that we were freaking out about Y2K.

When I was a kid, we could hardly imagine what it would be like in the 21st century.  We all had a bunch of dreams about what it would look like.
(I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any flying cars around.)
We also had a bunch of dreams about all the things we wanted to do.

I’ve been thinking about all those old dreams.
And some of the new ones I have now.
So I wrote them all down and included some of the things I have already accomplished.


Kat’s Bucket List:

*Write 100 posts on my blog
I just realized I hit this one yesterday.
Welcome to my 101st post!

*Graduate high school  (Completed with a baby in tow)
*52 week self portrait project
*Attend a real concert (Zac Brown Band)
*Own a house
*Own a car made in the last 10 years (My current car is only 7 years old)
*Write a book
*Go sky diving
*Try white water rafting
*Earn Bachelors degree
*Learn how to shoot my camera in manual only
*Lose 100 lbs. (Technically this was completed. Then I gained 20 back.  I’m working on it.)
*Weigh 170 lbs. again
*Read all of Nora Roberts’ books
*Paint a self-portrait on canvas
*Complete 1,000,001 Smiles (you will be hearing more about this one)
*Run a marathon
*Visit another country
*Get my fairy tattoo completed
*Learn a new language


I’m sure there’s more.
I’ll add more as I remember them.
Or decide that I want to do something else.



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