Miss Margaret’s Home Fashion Show

Miss Margaret wanted me to show her California family what she got with her Wal-Mart gift card.

She picked everything out herself.


She bought one Hello Kitty dress.


One Hello Kitty skirt.


Four Hello Kitty shirts and a pair of sparkly black leggings.


One Sponge Bob t-shirt and a pair of pink leggings.


One graphic tee.


One pair of jammie pants.


Three pairs of tights.


One super cute belt.


And one game.
Specifically Scrabble Flash.

She still has a couple more smaller gift cards to spend on whatever she wants.
However, she has been growing like a weed and none of her clothes fit anymore.
She also has a teenage sister who is always getting new clothes by trading with her friends so she wanted some new clothes.
She is super happy with all her choices.
And I am proud of her deals.
(Gotta teach them early.)



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