Christmas Recap

We had a few Christmas celebrations.
We had a few tears.
There were some elations,
And now we look forward to the new year.


Our Christmas morning started off with gifts at home.



With no mantle for our stockings, we tied them to a chair.


Santa made Miss Margaret (aka The Toothless Wonder) happy with some nail polish among other items.


Miss Rose was happy with some soft fuzzy socks.


Our toothless elf handed out gifts.


A rare picture of my guy.
He saw where the camera was pointed and looked down quickly.


The girls and I got some super cute ornaments from Miss Margaret’s Nana.
I loved them!


Afterwards, we went to my guy’s mom’s house where she had prepared a sinful breakfast that included stuffed french toast.


Miss Margaret again helped pass out gifts.


Miss Rose got some books from GG and was immediately sucked in.
This was all we saw of her.


I, of course, wore all the ribbons from the packages.

We all went to see We Bought a Zoo (cute movie) except Miss Rose whom elected to stay home and finish the entire first book in the series she received.


The next day, we met with my guy’s parents and siblings for yet another celebration.
His family reminds me of mine, not really shy, so it was fun.


Miss Margaret was spinning around in one of her new outfits.


You might have noticed in the Miss Margaret’s spinning picture above that Miss Rose is on the couch reading a book.
She sat and read the second book most of the time.


My guy’s brother-in-law and nephews.
Too cute!


And the only calm picture I managed to get of Miss Margaret.
So sweet.

Overall, it was a nice holiday this year.
I hope your holiday was nice as well.



Thoughts, questions or comments?

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