Boys Will be Boys ~Photo-shoot~

The girls and I went to my friend Panda’s house for a photo-shoot/clothing exchange.
You see, Miss Rose and Panda are both beautiful short ladies and Miss Rose wanted some new clothes.
Well, we got a little caught up and it was well into twilight before I got Mikey outside for some pictures.


He was not feeling very cooperative.


I managed to catch him standing still only a couple times.


Most of the time he was running around like a boy does.


This is him standing still with the promise of run around time after.
Smiling, but hiding his face.


I threatened to make Miss Rose kiss him if he didn’t stand still.
He thought it was funny.


I do love his jacket though.


It’s amazing how fast they grow up.


My little man Caden here doesn’t generally smile for the camera.
He was helping his dad clean his room and decided he wouldn’t hide from the camera this time.


I love the Ben Ten bracelet.
Every time I see him he has it on.
He obviously loves it too.


Ah, a boy and his puppy.
I got to meet this pretty girl.
And play with her.
Sophie is one tough pup.


Look at those puppy eyes.
On both of them.


Ooh, look!
I got it!!
The elusive Caden smile.
I think this may be one of my favorite pictures.
It is just too sweet.

I didn’t get nearly enough pics but I figure we’ll just start earlier next time.
I sure had a lot of fun though.
We’ll try again soon.



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