Oy, the Joys of Technology

It is amazing to me how much I rely on technology.

My computer had a mystery crash about a month ago.
I was afraid I had lost everything on it because I hadn’t backed up my files in over six months. 
It is amazing how many new files I have accumulated in those six months.
Luckily, they were able to “trick” the battery into working.
I immediately purchased an external hard drive and backed everything up.


It seems that now I have a bad battery.
At least that’s what my computer keeps telling me.
Luckily, I purchased a great extended warranty at Best Buy.
I know that they’ll take a look and fix what they can.
If they can’t fix it, they’ll replace it.
But I can’t take it in until the end of the week when I turn in my final project for the term because all my classes are online.
And then I have to hope and pray that they get it fixed real quick because I have some photo shoots coming up.
I have a back-up computer, (or rather my guy’s laptop), that I can use, but I don’t like it as much.
I know you know what I mean.  Right?

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A couple weeks ago I noticed my phone was slowing down.
I deleted any apps I don’t use on a regular basis and deleted all those forwarded text messages that were just sitting there taking up space.
Then it started getting warm.
Then the green screen popped up.
I didn’t even know that my phone had a manual screen.
When that went away, so did my ability to use the speakerphone or hear anyone on the phone.  It also lost the ability to hold a charge.
We’re talking a one-hour battery life.
I took it into the corporate store twice, (after going to the local store once), and it appears that there is a problem with the motherboard.
They told me that I could use headphones to make a phone call, but before I had even dug out some ear buds, the phone had died a hot death.
The phone gets so hot while simply charging, that it turned itself off and won’t come back on.

So now I’m waiting for a new phone.
(Luckily, it too has insurance so it’s covered.)
It was supposed to have been shipped today.
Hopefully I’ll get it soon.
Because, let me tell you, I feel so naked without it.
I don’t have a landline.
I have no way to make all the phone calls I need to make during the day.
I don’t have a watch.  What do I need one for?  I have a cell phone.
If I’m bored standing in line, I hardly know what to do with myself without all the fun apps on my phone.
Oh, and if I get lost, I will have to actually pull over and ask for directions because I don’t have my handy dandy GPS available.

Smiley emoticon on cell phone

It’s really a necessary evil in our day and age.
Follow or be left behind.



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