Thanksgiving 2011

I’m only a week late on these pictures.
This big bunch of pictures.


Because I was still on crutches after the horse accident, I was not the photographer for the evening.  I know that Miss Rose took most of them but I think Miss Margaret took a couple too.


Butthead is an amazing cook!
He made a bunch of the night’s food.


Including homemade cranberry sauce.


Miss Rose likes lemons.
She also likes to take artistic pictures.
I find them on my computer all the time.


Miss Margaret helped Oompa’s mom make some sweet potato biscuits.


We had some deviled eggs as an appetizer.
They went quick as usual.


My guy’s mom made a couple pies for us.
This pecan was to die for.
So sweet and sticky.


She also made this pumpkin pie made with real pumpkins.
She is also an amazing cook.
She wasn’t able to join us, but we sure did enjoy the pies.
(After dinner of course.)


This guy is crazy.  In a good way.
I can’t think of any other adults who have as much fun with the girls just acting like a dork.  He so fits right into the family.


S. and Miss Rose.
What kind of facial expressions are those?
See what I mean?  Such a dork.


S. and Miss Margaret.
I love to see her laugh.


I’m guessing Miss Margaret took this picture.
She and I get this particular look a lot.


Miss Margaret posing like she’s cool.
Love it.


This is Bella the bulldog.
We babysat her for the holiday weekend while her human was out of town.
She puts the bull in bulldog let me tell you.
Stubborn as a bull.
But so sweet.  And insanely active.


Looks like Miss Margaret got caught posing in front of the mirror.
She must have learned that from her big sister.


Here’s Oompa.
She was a busy bee in the kitchen too.


Here’s Oompa’s mom and brother.
We didn’t see much of him.
He came out to eat and disappeared again.


Me and my Barney boy.
He just loves to cuddle with the mama.
He used my lap to get a break from Bella.


My guy was there.
He’s been working a lot lately so he was tired.
But look how kind he was to volunteer as my footrest.


Look at that turkey!
Butthead smoked it in the barbecue.
So pretty and tasty.


This is what happens when short people, I mean kids, get ahold of the camera.
My Butthead is pretty tall.  Miss Rose is not.
Notice how the top of his head is cut off?
I love it.


This is just a lamp that Miss Rose liked.
It is pretty neat looking.
It looks like a block of ice to me.
Very in season.

We all had a good time.
After dinner we played Phase 10 while we watched a movie.
Good times.
I hope you had a nice holiday as well.



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