Gift Idea ~Craft Boxes~

Last year for Christmas I made the kids craft boxes.

I took sturdy scrapbook boxes and collaged the lids.

2010-12-22 18.44.10

I made a different collage for each kid.

2010-12-22 21.13.08

Miss Margaret’s was all pictures, while I included some positive phrases and words for Miss Rose.

2010-12-22 21.13.32

I made a boy version for my little Monkey.

2010-12-22 21.14.03

I simply cut up a bunch of magazines and pasted them all over the lid.
Then I painted over the top of the whole thing with some Mod Podge.
Finally, because these were for kids, I sprayed on a layer of spray laminate.

I filled them up with all kinds of crafts supplies.

2010-12-23 19.52.24

I included sketchbooks, pencils and sharpeners, crayons, ribbon, yarn, stickers, paper clips, tape, a ruler, an activity book, glue sticks, construction paper and even a little notepad to write down any creative ideas they had that they didn’t want to forget.

It sounds like it cost a lot, but it was really reasonable actually.
I bought some of the items, like the boxes, at Big Lots and I found the rest at the dollar store and a few items at home. 
It was easy to customize for the different ages.
Instead of an activity book in the pre-teen’s box, I added extra sketchbooks and some nice colored pencils instead of crayons.




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